Tea Character:
Dry Leaf:
Green peppermint flakes

Pale blonde

Strong and fresh minty notes

Tea Liquor:
Bottle green

Essence of peppermint is prominent throughout the length of the cup.

Health and Mood:
Helps relax body and mind, improve digestion, reduces pain, promotes weight loss and
boosts the immune system. It also has anti-spasmodic, anti-infamatori and anti
bacterial quality. The natural sedative and antispasmodic nature of menthol makes it
very good at relieving stress. This tea is caffeine-free, making it the perfect bed-time

Steeping Notes: 
1 Serving Qty:  2 Tea Spoons
Natural Mineral Water: 350ml
Steeping Temp: 92-96ºC
Steep time: 4-5min