Tea Character:
Dry Leaf:
Black tea is blended with beautiful rose petals, to create a visual and fragrant

Infusion is bright, even and dark brown.

Enticing, forthright fragrance of roses

Tea Liquor:
Rich golden Color

Has a well-rounded body that floats on your palate with a taste akin to a rose blooming
right in your mouth.. The tea is rich and delicious, full of flavor – strong, but smooth and
well balanced. Each sip is more warming and inviting than the last.

Health and Mood:
Research has shown that a compound called TF-2 found in black tea may slow down
cancer growth. It also helps abate inflammation as well. Other researches have shown
that black tea may also help prevent tooth decay , lower cholesterol, act as an arthritis
soother, and reverse damage to the lungs from cigarette smoke. Rose contains
compounds that improve metabolism in addition to clearing toxins from the body,
thereby aiding in weight loss. Roses are also a natural aphrodisiac. According to
Ayurveda, rose petals are very effective in helping a person feel sexually active,
regulating heart, mind and the nervous system. Roses also relieve stress and
depression and act as natural astringent.

Steeping Notes:
1 Serving Qty:  2 Tea Spoons
Natural Mineral Water: 350ml
Steeping Temp: 92-96ºC
Steep time: 4-5min