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Where your daily dose of freshness is brewed with care, made with
love and served with a smile – All in a cup of Tea.
Redefining the experience of a Tea Bar with the cup that cheers.


the delight

Tea has been the go-to drink for many for thousands of years and has been a huge part of the culture of many countries across the globe. At Chit Chat Chai, we are revolutionalizing the way the world drinks tea, one cup at a time. A one of its kind tea bar, you’ve got to give it a chai! 

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The Chit Chat Chai Loyalty Club is a unique membership program that rewards members with tiered benefits, special offers, rewards points and member-only discounts. Now make every order count! 

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Tea – Time Nibbles

Everybody loves a cup of good chai. And the only way to make it even better? Food that goes perfectly well with your cuppa! While in Japan tea-time calls for Dango, cake is a necessity with afternoon tea in Britain. The French need macarons with their tea and we Indian’s love nothing more than a crisp samosa to go with our chai. At Chit Chat Chai, we understand how important those  chai- time nibbles are to you!

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