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How To Make Tea (Yet Less) Acidic

If you still want to make your tea less acidic, here are simple ways to do this:


  • For Black Tea - steep your tea for lesser than recommended time

  • For Black Tea - use lesser quantity of tea leaves per serving

  • Go for more neutral teas like Green Tea or Herbal Tea

  • Use jaggery instead of sugar to sweeten your tea as sugar is more acidic

  • Avoid lemon as it is highly acidic and can cause Acid Reflux

  • Store teas properly in an air-tight glass jar and keep the jar away from light - exposure to light, moisture and air can cause to tea to become acidic as well as lose its flavour and taste

  • Generally, home-brewed teas are less acidic


Tea is a healthy drink containing no additives, preservatives or colouring. It is packed with antioxidants, catechins, polyphenols and minerals like magnesium and fluoride. All these make tea an ideal health and wellness beverage. Tea is also the only known plant source of amino acids that help in generation of alpha brain waves, related to calm and alert state of mind. Read why tea is so healthy for you here. Most teas also are mildly acidic, making them totally safe from Acid Reflux or dental problems.


So, go on and keep drinking your favourite Darjeeling or Assam, Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea, Matcha or Muscatel…and many more!


Written by Chit Chat Chai Online

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