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Standard cold brewing can involve your favorite loose leaf tea, or tea bag, and is often referred to by the Japanese term ‘Mizudashi.’ For some of us fanatics, loose leaf tea is what we turn to, but we all indulge in the simplicity of a bag of tea every once in a while. Either will work, especially while you’re sleeping soundly at night.

Grab a large pitcher and fill with purified water, and grab your favorite loose leaf tea. With time, you will have a predisposition to how many leaves to use in your brew. Eight to twelve hours later in the refrigerator, and you have a deliciously cold, scrumptiously flavored blend.

Some say that using time as opposed to temperature to release the flavors has a better outcome, and in some cases, it has been proven that more of the nutrients and benefits get released anyway.

The tannin and caffeine can cause bitterness sometimes when using boiling water, especially if the temperature is off.
Written by Chit Chat Chai Online

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